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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sad Day DIO R.I.P. 1942-2010

Wendy Dio
, wife/manager of legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW), has released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"Today my heart is broken, Ronnie passed away at 7:45 a.m. [on Sunday] 16th May. Many, many friends and family were able to say their private goodbyes before he peacefully passed away.

"Ronnie knew how much he was loved by all.

"We so appreciate the love and support that you have all given us.

"Please give us a few days of privacy to deal with this terrible loss.

"Please know he loved you all and his music will live on forever."

It was only a month ago that Dio, 67, spoke about his battle with cancer with the Artisan News Service on the "black carpet" of the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, which took place on April 8 at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles. When asked about how he had been feeling since he was diagnosed with the disease late last year, Dio said, "Well, I feel good and bad at times. It's a long process. Chemotherapy is a... I never realized what a difficult thing it was to go through. It's a real cumulative effect — the more you have, the more it piles up on top and it takes longer and longer to get over it. I find it very difficult to eat. I don't like to eat anyway, so I guess that's OK. But I know I have to. But this makes it very, very hard. But if you're determined to beat it, then you have to go with what you believe is going to beat it for you, and in this case it's that. I go to a great hospital in Houston called M.D. Anderson, which I think is the best hospital in the world, I have the best doctor in the world, Dr. Ajani, who I really trust and I really believe in, so I think I've done all the right things. It makes me feel positive about my life and positive that there is a lot more of it to live."

Earlier this month, HEAVEN & HELL canceled its summer tour plans in Europe due to Dio's treatment for stomach cancer. The band said in a statement that Dio wasn't "well enough to tour this summer. We hope that everyone understands and want to thank fans and industry colleagues for their continuing support at this time."

Born Ronald James Padavona in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Ronnie James Dio had performed with ELF, RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH, and his own band DIO. Other musical projects included the collective fundraiser "Hear 'n Aid". He is widely hailed as one of the most powerful singers in heavy metal, renowned for his consistently powerful voice and for popularizing the "devil's horns" hand gesture in metal culture. He was most recently involved with HEAVEN & HELL, a project which also included former BLACK SABBATH bandmates Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice. Their first and only studio album, "The Devil You Know", was released on April 28, 2009.

In April, Dio appeared at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards in Los Angeles to accept the award for "Best Vocalist." As members of ALICE IN CHAINS presented the award to him, the crowd chanted, "Dio! Dio! Dio! Dio!"

Monday, January 11, 2010


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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Slayer - World Painted Blood - the Playing With Dolls DVD

Band: Slayer

Video: World Painted Blood - the Playing With Dolls (bonus DVD)

the Playing With
Dolls DVD, a 20-minute animated graphic novel featuring music from the album

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Helstar - Burning Alive DVD

Band: Helstar

: Burning Alive

- Evil Reign
- Winds of War
- Baptized in Blood
- The King Is Dead
- Dracula's Castle
- Run With the Pack
- Benediction
- The Shadows of Iga

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Agent Steel - Mad Locust Rising DVD

Band: Agent Steel

Video: Mad Locust Rising

1.Nothin Left
2.The Unexpected
3.The Day at Guyana
4.Never Surrender
5.Mad Locust Rising
6.The Ripper
7.Evil Eye
8.Bleed for the Godz

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Agent Steel - Live at Dynamo Open Air

Band: Agent Steel

: Live at Dynamo Open Air

1.Guyana Intro
2.Unstoppable Force
4.Illuminati is Machine
5.Ten Fists of Nations
6.Bleed for the Godz
7.Forever Black
8.Wash the Planet Clean
9.New Godz
10.Know Your Master
11.Agents of Steel

Bonus Selection
· Children of the Sun
· Mad Locust Rising
· Earth Under Lucifer
· Avenger

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: Click here

Friday, August 21, 2009

Black Metal: The Norwegain Legacy??? (2008)

Documentary: Black Metal: The Norwegain Legacy??? (2008)

This documentary attempts to resolve the true etymology of the term "black metal." Should the genre be attributed to the Norwegians, the Swedes, or another group entirely? Some of the most beloved metal bands--including Dark Funeral, Enslaved, and Rotting Christ--contribute to a bull-free discussion about the true essence of black metal.

The reason why the title includes the question "THE NORWEGIAN LEGACY???" is because many Swedes have criticized Norwegian black metal for being inspired by Bathory, which was a SWEDISH band. Expect to see plenty of amazing footage. But don't expect to see a regurgitation of the same story repeated endlessly in false documentaries and by the charletans of the media.

Finntroll, Naglfar, Ulver, Korovo, Unexpect, Gloomy Grim, Bloodthorn, Dark Funeral, Enslaved, King Diamond, Rotting Christ, , Impaled nazarene, Behemoth, Turisas, Dimmu Borgir, Belphegor

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Judas Priest - Rising in the East (2005) DVD

Band: Judas Priest

Video: Rising in the East


"Rising In The East" was recorded live in May 2005 at the legendary Budokan in
Tokyo, Japan. The definitive Judas Priest lineup played two sold-out nights at
the venue to promote the early-2005 release of the critically acclaimed studio
album 'Angel Of Retribution,' their first new material in 15 years. 'Rising In
The East' is Judas Priest's first straight-to-DVD release.

Sound: PCM Stereo; Dolby Digital 5.1; DTS.

Vocals: Rob Halford
Lead & Rhythm Guitar: Glenn Tipton
Lead & Rhythm Guitar: K.K. Downing
Bass: Ian Hill
Drums: Scott Travis
1. The Hellion/Electric Eye
2. Metal Gods
3. Riding on the Wind
4. The Ripper
5. A Touch of Evil
6. Judas Rising
7. Revolution
8. Hot Rockin'
9. Breaking the Law
10. I'm A Rocker
11. Diamonds and Rust
12. Worth Fighting For
13. Deal with the Devil
14. Beyond the Realms of Death
15. Turbo Lover
16. Hellrider
17. Victim of Changes
18. Exciter
19. Painkiller
20. Hell Bent For Leather
21. Living after Midnight
22. You've Got another Thing Comin'

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: click here

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sadus - Live In Santiago (Chile) DVD

Band: Sadus

Video: Live In Santiago (Chile)

- Live concert recorded at Laberinto Santiago/Chile
- Limited to 500 copies


3.Hands Of Fate/In Your Face

4.Slave To Misery

5.Kill Team



8.Di Giorgio's Solo/Unreality

9.Twisted Face

10.The Wake


12.Sadus Attack


14.Through The Eyes Of Greed

15.Certain Death

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nuclear Assault - Radiation Sickness (2007) DVD

Band: Nuclear Assault

: Radiation Sickness (2007)

1. Betrayal
2. Stranded in Hell
3. Nuclear War
4. Buttfuck
5. Justice
6. My America
7. Radiation Sickness
8. After the Holocaust
9. Hang the Pope
10. Lesbians
11. Vengeance

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Onslaught (UK) - Live Polish Assault 2007 DVD

Band: Onslaught (UK)

Video: Live Polish Assault 2007


Recorded in club Stodola, Warsaw on 14.02.2007

Bonus video:
* Live in Japan, September 2006
* Demoniac
* Let There Be Death
* Angels of Death
* Power From Hell

Also includes:
* Interview with Nige Rockett and Sy Keeler
* Photo gallery
* Biography
* Discography
* Desktop images
* Weblinks
1. Intro
2. Let There Be Death
3. Angels Of Death
4. Thermonuclear Devastation Of The Planet Earth
5. Killing Peace
6. Fight With The Beast
7. Metal Forces
8. Twisted Jesus
9. Intro
10. Flame Of The Antichrist
11. Shellshock
12. Demoniac
13. Burn
14. Power From Hell

Tekst Link : Click Here

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Motörhead - 25 & Alive "Boneshaker" (2001) dvd

Band: Motörhead

Video: 25 & Alive "Boneshaker"


Fans, Collectors and everyone who is interested in Motörhead: here it is, THE
ULTIMATE MOTÖRHEAD DVD to be released on November 26th. One of the main events
on this DVD is the 25. anniversary (2000) that has been celebrated in the sold
out Brixton Academy in London, UK. ( filmed with 8 cameras in dolby 5.1. sound).
Guest stars appeared on stage to play together with the band: Brian May/Queen,
Fast Eddie Clarke/Ex- Motörhead, Whitfield Crane/Ex-Ugly Kid Joe, Doro Pesch and
many more. For the song "Bomber" the legendary Bomber-Light-Rack was once more
installed and led everybody back to former times. Furthermore this DVD contains
old photos, tv shows and interviews, all commented on Lemmy himself. A
bonustrack , the acoustic version of "Ain't No Nice Guys", fanmaterial, an EPK,
all videoclips, Metallica's apperance for Lemmy's 50th birthday, 4 live songs
and a screen saver for download are included as well.

Live recording of Motorhead's 25th anniversary concert at Brixton Academy,
London, England, October 22nd 2000.

The DVD pack comes with a bonus audio cd.
1.We Are Motorhead

2.No Class

3.I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)

4.Over Your Shoulder

5.Civil War


7.Overnight Sensation

8.God Save The Queen

9.Born To Raise Hell

10.The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

11.Stay Out Of Jail

12.Dead Men Tell No Tales

13.You Better Run



16.Going To Brazil


18.Damage Case

19.Iron Fist

20.Killed By Death


22.Ace Of Spades


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Friday, July 3, 2009

Manowar - Hell On Earth IV 2DVD-a (2005)


Video: Hell On Earth part IV 2 dvd-a

DISC 1 - Main Program
This DVD features the entire 2002 "Warriors Of The World" promotion and touring
1 hour 30 minutes of main program
6 bonus songs for 30 minutes of additional bonus material
11 full live songs
Subtitles in 12 languages
5.1 surround sound mix
Various personal band interviews
Private behind the scenes footage
A true visual tribute to the fans
Highlighting concerts in 35 cities throughout Europe
Shot with 70 camera angles
Commentary track with all band members
Director Neil Johnsons commentary track
Personal commentary track by Joey DeMaio
New artwork by fantasy art legend Ken Kelly

DISC 2 - Bonus Materials - Behind The Scenes
1 hour of bonus behind the scenes footage
1 hour of complete TV shows featuring Manowar
(incl. TV-Total, Olli Pocher, VIVA Comet and Popkomm Gala)
Special commentary track featuring director Neil Johnson
Personal commentary track by Joey DeMaio
Subtitles in 12 languages

30 minute easter egg
Special commentary track by editor and director

=4.5 hours total

Screen: 16:9 Anamorphic / 4:3 PAL
Sound: 5.1 Surround Sound / 2.0
Format: DVD 9 + Audio CD
Country Codes: All Regions
Duration: approx. 4:30 Hrs.
Subtitles: Englisch, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese,
Polish, Czech, Russian, Turkish, Greek

- Main Programme (1-33)
- Bonus (34-39)

- Behind the Scenes (1-13)
- TV Shows (14-20)

Disc 1
1.Condom Head

2.Kings of Metal (live)

3.The Album

4.Assaulting the Airwaves

5.Brothers of Metal (live)

6.Crazy Fans

7.Freedom Fighters

8.In Store

9.Roskilde Festival, Denmark

10.Zlin, Czech Republic

11.Pilsen, Czech Republic

12.Summer Rocks Festival, Hungary

13.Lorca Festival, Spain

14.Gods of Metal, Italy

15.Warriors of the World United (live)

16.Popkomm Gala, Germany

17.An American Trilogy (live)

18.Warriors of the World Tour

19.Tour Moments

20.Call to Arms (live)

21.Female Fans

22.I Believe (live)

23.The Pink One

24.Spirit Horse of the Cherokee (live)

25.Show Your Colors

26.Swords in the Wind (live acoustic version)

27.Master of the Wind (live acoustic version)

28.Courage (live acoustic version)


30.House of Death (live)

31.Outlaw (live)

32.Party Until We Die


34.Son of Death / guitar solo, bonus

35.Warriors of the World United (live, bonus)

36.The Demon's Revenge / bass solo, bonus

37.Army of the Immortals (live, bonus)

38.Warriors of the World United (alternate music video, bonus)

39.I Believe (music video, bonus)

Disc 2
1.The March

2.The Band

3.Sound Advice

4.Alexander the Great, Part 2

5.Fans and Friends

6.Louder Than Hell

7.Heavy Metal Marriage

8.The Setup

9.Employee of the Month

10.Sex in the City

11.Heavy Metal Helicopters

12.Cutting Room Floor

13.Hell on Earth III Release Party

14.TV Total - Behind the Scenes

15.TV Total

16.VIVA Comet Awards

17.Alles Pocher 1

18.Alles Pocher 2

19.Alles Pocher 3

20.Touch My Tits

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Testament - The Formation of Damnation bonus dvd and divx

Band: Testament

Video: The Formation of Damnation bonus dvd and divx

Features: Limited edition digi-book includes a bonus DVD with a 'Making Of' documentary
and a photo gallery.

Text Link DVD: Click here

Text Link Divx: Click here

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Manowar - Hell on Earth III - Live In Germany The Ringfest 2DVD (2003)

Band: Manowar

Video: Hell On Earth Part III 2dvd



Hell On Earth III
• 1. Introduction
• 2. Brazil
• 3. France
• 4. Spain
• 5. Czech Republic
• 6. Holland
• 7. Fighting The World
• 8. Austria
• 9. Switzerland
• 10. Sweden Part 1
• 11. Portugal
• 12. Heart Of Steel
• 13. Evil Eclipse
• 14. Germany
• 15. Belgium
• 16. Greece
• 17. Italy
• 18. Kings Of Metal
• 19. Duel Of The Titans
• 20. Hail And Kill
• 21. Nessun Dorma
• 22. Return Of The Warlord
• 23. Monsters Of The Millenium
• 24. Denmark
• 25. Sweden Part 2
• 26. Gates Of Valhalla
• 27. Finland
• 28. Estonia
• 29. Russia
• 30. Brothers Of Metal & Sisters Of Steel
• 31. Credits

• 1. Black Wind Fire And Steel
• 2. Herz Aus Stahl
• 3. March For Revenge
• 4. Wheels Of Fire
• 5. Alexander The Great
• 6. France
• 7. Moments In Time
• 8. Friends
• 9. Moments Of Truth
• 10. Nessun Dorma †The Story
• 11. Wildlife


"Live In Germany The Ringfest"
• 1. Introduction
• 2. Manowar
• 3. Kings Of Metal
• 4. Eric's Speech
• 5. Herz aus Stahl
• 6. Evil Eclipse
• 7. Warriors Of The World United
• 8. Kill With Power
• 9. House Of Death
• 10. Joey's Speech
• 11. Black, Wind, Fire And Steel
• 12. The Crown And The Ring

Video Collection
• 13. Gloves Of Metal
• 14. Blow Your Speakers
• 15. Metal Warriors - live
• 16. Return Of The Warlord
• 17. Courage - live
• 18. Warriors Of The World United
• 19. I Believe
• 20. Gloves Of Metal - special edition
• 21. Secrets Of Steel

• 1. The Making Of 'Gloves Of Metal'
• 2. The Making Of 'Gloves Of Metal' special edition
• 3. The Making Of 'Blow Your Speakers'
• 4. The Making Of 'Return Of The Warlord'
• 5. Fire, Ice & Gasoline (The Making Of 'Warriors Of The World United')
• 6. The Making Of 'I Believe'
• 7. The Warrior's Prayer
• 8. Ringfest Documentary


* Double DVD in a special package
* incl. "Live In Germany – The Ringfest" and the bands complete video selection

* Sound: 5.1 Sorround Sound / Dolby Digital 2.0
* Format: DVD9
* Country Code: All Regions
* Duration: Approx. 5:20 Hrs.
* Subtitles: English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese,
Polish, Czech and Russian
* complete new Artwork from Ken Kelly
1.Hell on Earth, Part 3

2.Live in Germany @ The Ringfest

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Manowar - HELL ON EARTH II - Fire And Blood 2DVD (2002)

Band: Manowar

Video: Hell On Earth II - Fire And Blood 2 DVD

This "rocumentary" features part 2 of the series "Hell on Earth". With almost
two hours of running time "Hell on Earth Part 2" documents the 1998 "Hell on
Stage" European Tour with almost 30 shows. Mixed in 5.1 surround sound it
features for the first time ever full length versions of some of MANOWAR's
classic songs like "Bridge Of Death", "Blood Of The Kings", "Hatred", "Guyana
(Cult Of The Damned)", and the epic "Dark Avenger" - featuring the bone
chilling narration of Orson Welles, "The Gods Made Heavy Metal" and the
glorious epic "Master Of The Wind" as well as many others.

The second DVD "Blood In Brazil" contains one of the band's most legendary
performances as the Special Guests at the 1998 "Philips Monsters Of Rock" in
Sao Paulo, Brazil. For the first time a complete concert performance has been
captured in the band's career. A visual testament to MANOWAR's kingdom of steel
in Brazil. Filmed with more than twelve cameras in front of more than 30.000 of
South America's wildest and most devoted metal fans and also mixed in 5.1
audio, this spectacular performance was highlight of the 1998 "Philips Monsters
Of Rock".

Naturally bonus footage is included in both DVDs: alternate song versions,
interviews with journalists and crew members give viewers and incredible
insight into the magic of the music and the fans of MANOWAR. As a special bonus
the songs "Warriors Of The World United" and "House Of Death" are included as
live versions, captured at the "Ringfest" performance on August 17, 2002 in
Cologne, Germany.

A brand new Ken Kelly artwork plus great 3D computer menu animation as well as
the patented DVDconnector* make this groundbreaking piece of live history a
must for all brothers and sisters of true metal.

"Fire And Blood" is a double DVD Set (2 discs) and undisputedly shows that the
word Heavy Metal belongs only to one band. That band is MANOWAR!

* The DVDconnector gives you the exclusive opportunity to stay updated on the
band's activities through a special Internet connection.

Chapters: Hell On Earth Part II

- This Is Heavy Metal
- Blood Of The Kings
- France
- Voulez Vous
- Belgium
- Bridge Of Death
- Switzerland
- Guyana (Cult Of The Damned)
- Germany Part I
- Hatred
- Germany Part II
- March For Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)
- Germany Part III
- The Gods Made Heavy Metal
- Czech Republic
- Army Of The Immortals
- Austria
- Hungary
- Master Of The Wind
- Portugal
- Dark Avenger
- Spain
- Battle Hymn
- The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)

Bonus: Hell On Earth Part II

- Thor (The Powerhead) - Murcia, Spain
- French Version Of "Courage"
- Cutting Room Floor
- Band Members
- DVDconnector

Chapters: Blood In Brazil

- Intro
- Manowar
- Metal Daze
- Blood Of My Enemies
- Kill With Power
- Sign Of The Hammer
- Gates Of Valhalla
- Sting Of The Bumblebee
- The Gods Made Heavy Metal
- Metal Warriors
- Kings Of Metal
- The Power
- Hail And Kill
- Black Wind, Fire And Steel
- The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)

Bonus: Blood In Brazil

- Sign Of The Hammer - alternate footage
- Interview with Jeff Hair and John "Dawk" Stillwell
- Interview with Vincent Cecolini
- Warriors Of The World United - Live at the Ringfest - August 17, 2002
- House Of Death - Live at the Ringfest - August 17, 2002
- Monsters Of Rock - Concert Review
- Band Members
- DVDconnector
1.Hell on Earth, Part 2

2.Blood in Brazil
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Živo Blato - Tvornica Live 3.04.2009 (bootleg)

: Zivo Blato
Koncert: Live In Tvornica (Bootleg)

Duration: 42:56 min

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Exodus - Impaler (Live 2004) Low Quality

Band: Exodus
Video: Impaler (Live 2004) lq

Link: click here

Monday, March 16, 2009

Children of Bodom - Chaos Ridden Years/Stockholm Knockout live - 2006 FullDvd

: Children of Bodom

Video: Chaos Ridden Years/Stockholm Knockout live
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Dream Evil - Gold Medal In Metal (Special DVD) 2008

Band: Dream Evil

Video: Gold Medal In Metal (Special DVD)

Disc Info: Gold Medal Disc - "Live Maerd"
Video standard: NTSC
DVD type: DVD9 (double layer)
Region code DVD: 0/ All region
Screen format: 4:3/ 16:9 screen, NTSC (PAL compatible)
Sound format DVD: Dolby Digital 2.0

"Live Maerd" (67:45)

1. United 04:02
2. Blind Evil 04:23
3. Fire! Battle! In Metal! 03:17
4. In Flames You Burn 04:25
5. Crusaders' Anthem 04:06
6. Back From the Dead 04:27
7. Higher on Fire 04:20
8. The Prophecy 04:21
9. Made of Metal 04:06
10. Heavy Metal in the Night 05:00
11. Let Me Out 04:46
12. The Chosen Ones 05:58
13. The Book of Heavy Metal 04:56
14. Chasing the Dragon 04:13
15. Children of the Night 04:29

Video-Clips (14:16)
- Fire! Battle! In Metal!
- Blind Evil
- The Book Of Heavy Metal
- Children Of The Night

Interview (18:44)

Total running time: 100 mn 45

Text Link: click here


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Saturday, February 28, 2009

VH1's Heavy: The Story of Metal (divx)

This is a really good doco that suffers from the way Heavy Metal is defined and (re)interpreted. It does a good job of exploring the birth and pivotal moments of metal, such as the first No 1 album, rise of the power-ballad, PMRC hearings, etc. However, it loses a lot of it's objectivity as it tracks metal's push into mainstream music. While the bands under focus are worthy metal ambassadors, the bands that barely get more than a mention unjustly lose their place in the evolution of metal (and Megadeth deserves more than a one-sentence mention!!!).

Epizode 1: Welcome To My Nightmare

Welcome To My Nightmare traces metal's roots in the late-60's in the bombed-out industrial town of Birmingham England to the spectacular rise of Kiss and "glam metal" in the early 70's.


Part 1: click here

Part 2: click here

Part 3: click here

Part 4: click here

Epizode 2: British Steel

British Steel examines metal's growing pains during the 70's when both high-brow rock critics and punk rock threatened its very existence. By decade's end, bands such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Def Leppard gave birth to what became known as "The New Wave of British Heavy Metal."


Part 1: click here

Part 2: click here

Part 3: click here

Part 4: click here

Epizode 3: Looks That Kill

Looks That Kill sees metal thrive in, of all places, sunny California. Quiet Riot, Motley Crue - it's the world of metal on the sunset strip. And, keeping everyone's Jacuzzi-soaked ego in check, a little film called Spinal Tap emerges.


Part 1: click here

Part 2: click here

Part 3: click here

Part 4: click here

Epizode 4: Seek and Destroy

Seek and Destroy takes a walk on the dark side: Guns N' Roses, Metallica, thrash, Nu metal (Korn, Limp Bizkit), and how the music and images of Marilyn Manson became associated with the Columbine massacre.


Part 1: click here

Part 2: click here

Part 3: click here

Part 4: click here

Part 5: click here